EFPSA konference

Milí studenti,

sdílíme pozvánku na konferenci:

The conference will take place at Hybenská Campus in Prague, Czech Republic, 21. – 24. November 2019. During the conference, experts from several scientific fields will give presentations and workshops to an audience of over 150 psychology students from across Europe who will attend to listen, learn, and engage with them.

By this message, we would like to open call for a student session!

Your contribution can be by presentation/speech, workshop session or poster. Here are some suggestions for a topic of your contribution, if you are not sure about your own:

  •          Relationships and attitudes of people towards nature and the environment
  •          Eco-friendly behaviour
  •          Sustainable technological systems and innovations
  •          Perception and assessment of the environmental issues
  •          The application of psychology in architecture, urban planning or design

Více informací naleznete zde: https://www.efpsa.org/