International Development Studies Master Programme

International Development Studies

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International Development Studies – Foreword

Palacky University in Olomouc is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, established in 1573. With eight faculties and about 23,000 students it is one of the leading centres of teaching and research in the Czech Republic. The university is located in Olomouc, a small historical city with a pleasant university atmosphere. To find more about city of Olomouc click here.

The aim of the International Development Studies programme in English is to prepare professionals for careers in development policy and practice. The duration of the programme is 2 years. Students will be awarded the title of “Magister”, abbreviated as “Mgr.” which is equivalent to Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Upon successful completion of the programme students will be equipped to work in public sector as well as in private industry both at the national and international levels. The graduate students may be employed in institutions which collaborate on the programmes of development and humanitarian assistance. Students can also find the opportunity to work as experts in projects run in developing countries, especially by organizing and administering the projects both in the donor and in the target country. In addition, they can find the career in governmental and non-governmental sector, in international organizations (e.g. the UN agencies, including FAO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNEP, UNDP, UNCTAD, UNHCR etc.), in the European Union institutions, in diplomatic service, as well as in academia.