Programs Taught in Czech

International Development Studies Bachelor’s Program

The Bachelor’s Program in International Development Studies (a three-year program) has a strong geographical focus. Compulsory courses include Physical Geography, Socio-economic Geography and Regional Geography of Developing Regions. Students will also acquire a background in relevant social sciences such as economics, sociology and international relations. Core development courses include Development Theory, Development Economics and Development Assistance.

Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development Bachelor’s Program

This program is focused both on scientific and human aspects of environmental issues with a strong emphasis on sustainable development.  It is based on the interdisciplinary connection between relevant subjects and covers wide range of environmental problems. The curriculum consists mainly of subjects focused on physical and socioeconomic geography such as Hydrology, Climatology, Agricultural Geography and Human Geography as well as from environmental subjects such as Landscape Ecology, Environmental Economy and Environmental Ethics. The program also provides students with practical skills courses including NGO Management and Public Administration.

International Development Studies Master’s Program

The aim of the International Development Studies Master’s Program (a two-year program) is to prepare professionals for careers in development policy and practice.  The program is based on four courses focused on development opportunities in developing regions. The knowledge acquired from different disciplines is applied to identify countries‘ development opportunities and threats. Upon the successful completion of the program, students will be equipped to work in the public sector as well as in private industry both at the national and international levels. Graduate students have the opportunity to be employed in institutions which collaborate on programs of development and humanitarian assistance.

International Development Studies PhD Program

The PhD Program in International Development Studies (a four-year program) is interdisciplinary in its nature and is focused on current global challenges and threats, especially in developing countries. Research of the Department is done in the fields of environmental and social studies as well as in the field of economics. A wide range of scholarships motivates our PhD students to do their fieldwork abroad. The PhD program aims at preparing highly qualified staff for scientific and expert work with adequate language skills. Upon the successful completion of the program, students will have acquired profound knowledge in development related issues as well as in research methodology. 


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