Why Study Foresight?

Why study Foresight?

We all are living in dynamic and ever changing world. Change and novelty is often perceived with doubts and humans were trying to cope with these doubts by predicting future. Although we know today that future can not be predicted, it can be certainly anticipated and shaped. Foresight is about anticipation and shaping of future.

What do we offer?

  • unique and attractive program: we are the only university in Central Europe which offers master program focused exclusively on foresight
  • great opportunities to spend part of your studies in other country: we are in partnership with more than 25 universities all around the world
  • refreshing international environment: plenty of students from abroad study at our department
  • opportunity to be involved in community of very active students: our students established their own club called “Sustainable Palacký”
  • facilities of prestigious faculty and of university with more than four hundred years of tradition
  • environment of one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Europe

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM! Applications are open until 31st May of the respective year. Intake is open every year since September.