Go on a Field Trip

During the studies at the Department of Development Studies, students may enroll in the elective subject Field Trip to Development Institutions (Brussels, Strasbourg, Vienna, Bratislava, Geneva etc.). The aim of the field trip is to provide deeper knowledge about development-related issues which is partly mediated by discussions with local experts who also provide students with information about internships or future job prospects. Excursions are designed for 5-10 days.

Another elective subject Field trip to Moldova aims at the enhancement of students’ skills helping to increase their employability in the development job market. The focus is paid to learning about concrete projects implemented in Moldova, a priority country of the Czech Development Cooperation. The accumulated knowledge is shared with other secondary school and university students through the additional activities under the guidance of professional journalist. The aim of the subject is to provide students with the practical side of development cooperation, its results and links to wider development strategies as well as its pitfalls and obstacles. 

Aside from international field trips, the Department of Development Studies additionally offers field trips to Czech institutions dealing with international affairs. For more information about field trips, please contact its organiser Ms. Simona Šafaříková.