• Internship at World Fair Trade Organisation

    Dear students,here you can find call for internships at World Fair Trade Organisation in Brussels. You can ask for the ERASMUS+ scholarship if you are selected.

  • IDS students have a great chance to take part in student evaluation competition

    The Department of Development Studies aims to apply for participation in the Student Evaluation Competition organised by the Czech Evaluation Society in Prague, in order to compare the skills and capabilities of its student team with the teams of other Czech Universities. For more information about the competition, do not hesitate to contact the organiser […]

  • Courses for final state exam in STAG system

    Dear students, you have an opportunity to enrol in courses for final state exam (for the list of courses see your study plan) in STAG system. This note is relevant only for students who wish to enrol for the state exam in February 2017. 


    Dear students, the subject XGDCA (Monday – 10:30) will start in the 2nd week of the semester as I am still working abroad.  Please share this information with other students if you know that they are planning to attend this course. I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday 26th September.

  • Internship at CONCORD, KEHYS and Zavod Voluntariat

    Dear students,there are new proposals for internship at CONCORD (European NGO confederation for relief and development), KEHYS (the Finnish development platform) and Zavod Voluntariat.  All of them are very interesting and you can acquire new skills and experience. They start mid-October/November/December and they are suppposed to be for 4-6 months (but all the conditions are […]


Department of Development Studies

Our Mission

We are open and dynamically growing academic department. We provide education and conduct research in areas of development studies, environmental studies and foresight.

We want to inspire students as well as professional and general public and thus contribute to sustainable development of human society. We support personal growth and future employability of our students by individual approach to them and by focusing on international cooperation.

About us

With more than one decade of experience in the field of development studies, the Department offers wide range of development and environment-related programs.

Programs taught in English:

Programs taught in Czech:

  • International Development Studies bachelor program
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development bachelor program
  • International Development Studies master program
  • International Development Studies PhD program


About Palacký University and City of Olomouc

Palacký University, established in 1573, is one of the leading centres of teaching and research in
the Czech Republic. It comprises eight faculties at the present time and offers degrees in a wide range
of disciplines, including medicine and other natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, as well as
legal education. In the recent years, one of the highest priorities of the University is to strengthen
international cooperation with other higher education institutions. Up to date, more than 1 700 international students study at Palacký University.

Palacký University is located in historical but dynamic city of Olomouc. The town itself is very old and
picturesque and it is surrounded by sports facilities and nature. According to Lonely Planet, Olomouc is one of „hidden gems“ of Europe. The city of Olomouc is also well-known for its high density of university students: over 24 000 students in the city of 100 000 inhabitants make Olomouc the city with the highest density of university students in Central Europe. Students surely appreciate low cost of living in Olomouc in comparison with other Czech cities. In this context, it is worth to mention that cost of living in Czech Republic is generally much lower than in Western Europe (see for example comparison of price level in Czech Republic and Germany).




Palacky University in Olomouc
Faculty of Science
Department of Development Studies
Třída 17. listopadu 12
771 46 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 585 634 988
Fax: +420 585 223 641



The department is situated in the city of Olomouc, the centre of the Olomouc region. Our department resides in the building of the Faculty of Science, which can be easily found near the city centre, between the Bezruč Park (Bezručovy sady) and the dormitory grounds called Envelopa. You can reach us by walking from the main train statin along the Třída Kosmonautů street within 10 minutes or by taking a tram no. 1 or 7 to “Envelopa” stop or no. 2, 4, or 6 to “Žižkovo náměstí” stop.  

In the building, we can be found in the first floor, northern wing.