Master Thesis and Essays Rules

For all the important information related to the master thesis please read the rules for completing the qualification thesis  and also download the master thesis form. General rules from „Rules for completing master thesis“ are also valid for all essays which students write during their studies.

The most important sources for master thesis and essays should be from Electronic Information Resources (EIRs). Popular resources include JSTOR, EBSCO and Web of Science. EIRs are fully accesible when using the university´s internet connection (including university dormitories). If you want to access EIRs also from another internet connections, you can use the Shibboleth connection (click on the Shibboleth link next to the resource which you want to use and follow the instructions; however, this option is not available for all resources) or you can set up VPN connection.

The submission of the master thesis can be done only by students who meet the criteria to apply for Final Exams (see Final Exams and Graduation Ceremony).


Students may not plagiarise with respect to their diploma theses or any essay. Plagiarism means any case in which the author of the diploma thesis intentionally, directly or indirectly, uses a published or unpublished work, part of a work or manifested idea of another person in order to create an impression that the work or idea is his/her own.