Before and After Your Arrival, Studies

Before Your Arrival to Olomouc

We strongly recommend you read carefully through the and websites, especially the sections Practical Information and Studying. It is recommended to arrive in Olomouc at least one week before the start of the semester. This will allow you to attend Orientation Week organized by the International Office of Palacký University. Register yourself into the Buddy System (to do so, please contact Mrs. Monika Pospíšilová or Mr. Ondra Kantor) provided by ESN UP. The “Czech Buddy“ System can make your arrival much smoother and easier.

After Your Arrival to Olomouc

Please report your arrival in person to Mr. Martin Schlossarek (room 2.007, 2nd floor of the Faculty of Science building). It is also necessary to contact Ms. Dana Gronychová from the Study Department (room 1.004, 1st floor of the Faculty of Science building). You will be given instructions on how to register into your accommodation, how to use and how to get your ISIC card during your meetings with Mrs. Gronychová and Mr. Schlossarek. The ISIC card gives you access to the university cafeteria and library. Additionally, create an account at (per the instructions on the website) which will be used to delivery course content.

If you have not already done so, please read thoroughly the and websites, especially the sections Practical Information and Studying. Please do not forget to read through the Study and Examinations Code. It is important to note that each student is responsible for checking the current information on the department website on a regular basis as well as regularly read all emails delivered to his/her university email address (check e-mail section in

All students need to report your place of residence to the Foreign Police within three (3) working days after your arrival to the Czech Republic. For additional information on this or how to extend your residence permit, please follow this link. It can be very useful to ask for help in these and many other issues while in the Czech Republic using the “Czech Buddy” System provided by ESN UP.

Czech for Foreigners

If you are interested in studying the Czech language, we recommend you to contact Mrs. Kadlecová from the Department of Foreign Languages. Alternatively, you can consult the UP-LIFT website.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for 2017/2018 is available in pdf document. Please keep in mind all important deadlines and dates.

How to get to Olomouc

Olomouc is located in the middle of Moravia and it is very easily accessible by bus or train. There is really quick connection from Prague by train or on highway through Brno. From Vienna you can go by bus via Bratislava. Olomouc is also comfortably accessible from Poland or Slovak.

By plane:

Prague: Airport Václava Havla (280 km)

Bratislava: Airport M.R. Štefánika (210 km)

Vienna: Vienna International Airport (260 km)

Krakow: Airport Jean Paul II (265 km)

You can come from all these airports by train or bus. Tickets for the main train routes can be purchased online at Information on passenger trains in the Czech Republic are available for free on the phone number 840 112 113.

All mentioned airports are also connected with Olomouc by private transport company where you can buy ticket online on the RegioJet web page.

By bus or train

Travelling by bus or train is very comfortable, fast and cheap in the Czech Republic. You can find online all bus and train connections on